About Us

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We are a team of navigators and interpreters. Steering a course through information flow, relationships and processes, we translate intangibles into what is seen, touched and experienced.

We come from “yes,” seeing possibilities everywhere. Low in ego, high in support, we’re constantly turning to each other and asking, “How can we accomplish it all?” The response never changes: Together.

We are opposites who learn from each other: introverts and extroverts, speedsters and strollers, numbers people and creatives. Our high energy types are balanced by our calmer souls. We come from different backgrounds, places and generations, which we like to think makes us more interesting and lets us create more engaging, charismatic and beautiful homes.

“Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people.”

– Steve Jobs

  • Debbie

    For seven years, Debbie’s been our Office Manager at Liz Caan & Co. where she’s been overseeing our office’s daily operations. Financial operations and human resources? Yes, that’s Debbie. She’s always willing to answer any questions you may have, but those specific to: Documents, Financial Reports, Time Billing and Invoicing, are truly Debbie’s domain, and with her caring, thoughtful ways, we’re happy it is.

  • Cooper

    Cooper is the Design Director on our team where you’ll find him steering our projects alongside Liz, as well as guiding our Design Team. Cooper provides direction and support, in addition to managing client communication and overseeing the design process on our projects near and far. His classical design training, coupled with his appreciation of the traditional makes him the person we love to seek out whenever we need a sounding board on big (and small) questions about design.  When someone needs help on a complicated design detail or a construction challenge on a job site, Cooper is our go-to problem solver. Originally from Ohio, Cooper has been with Liz Caan & Co. for six years and honestly, we couldn’t imagine life around here without him. 

  • Jennifer

    A graduate of the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture, Jennifer is a licensed architect and has eleven years of architecture and design experience. Her passion for travel fuels her passion for architecture, as did living in Scotland and seeing how the past and present coalesce to create a cohesive and dynamic city.  Jennifer’s understanding of both the construction and the architectural processes allows her to manage complex design projects here at Liz Caan & Co. Ensuring that clients feel comfortable at every stage of the project, Jennifer handles contractor communications, sourcing, and schematic design of spaces. Saying that Jennifer handles it all while remaining cool, calm and collected isn’t a cliche, it’s a fact.

  • Shelby

    As one of our team’s Project Managers, Shelby’s keen attention to detail helps streamline our projects, and her innate organizational abilities are key contributors to the successful process we have built at Liz Caan & Co. Always curious and eager to learn, Shelby is a New Englander born and raised, and an incredible team player.

  • Heather

    As our team’s Production Manager, Heather oversees all aspects of the procurement and ordering process. Knowing that Heather is on your project, you can rest easy knowing that she is making sure the production of your furnishings is running as smoothly as possible. Her keen attention to detail helps streamline your project and contributes to a successful installation. Heather wears an additional hat too, as our Preservation & Concierge Manager, she ensures that all of our clients are always well taken care of. 

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