upper-east-side-living-room upper-east-side-living-room

Fast and Luxurious

Upper East Side

Nestled on New York’s storied Upper East Side neighborhood, this two bedroom flat serves as a full-time residence for the husband and a regular respite for the wife. The clients craved a layered and luxurious space with bespoke accents, one that felt like it has been lived in many years. Tasked with a full design — from every piece of furniture down to the hand soaps — and a turnaround time of mere months, we sourced locally from artisans and antique dealers and tapped the best tradespeople to execute custom designs such as the channeled headboard and corner banquette. Monogrammed, hand-made linens, custom commissioned art and a handwoven wool and leather rug evoked the refined and relaxed aesthetic this couple desired.

We chose bespoke monogrammed linens for the beds to make this feel more personal and less hotel like.


Our secret weapon… the best leather repairwoman in the tri-state area reconditioning a vintage leather ottoman we scored from a renowned antique dealer.


When you need to make a plan on the train… in mere hours.


Insider tip: Paint a big accent wall… the space will feel larger and less sterile.


Our first arrival and still the favorite, a vintage Jindrich Halabala chair we had imported from Spain.


A luxurious and completely bespoke handwoven leather and wool rug elevates the space and and grounds the seating area.


Flowers in a kitchen with no windows make it feel more alive… and happy!