When does a project really begin? If it’s a true collaboration between architect, designer, builder, and client, it begins long before the shovel hits the ground. That was the case in this multi-year project for a growing family whose needs were evolving. Liz and her team loved the duality of what they were tasked with a home that was sophisticated, soft, and quiet while at the same time, completely family-friendly and durable. Accomplishing that meant using high-quality materials that endure through every stage of active life. It also meant creating spaces that were not only purposeful but also engaging. In each room, the team played with contrast and texture, in every space they utilized natural materials, and throughout the home, they found ways to integrate pieces that were important to the family.

Architect: Catalano Architects
Landscape: Dan Gordon Landscape Architects
Builder: Olde Grove Partners

“when people and their surroundings are in harmony, they relax, feel safe and comforted — all because of great design.” 

“Beauty is anything that activates all of our senses. And so for us, bringing beauty into our work often means choosing pieces made by hand because they come with a story and a soul.”