Liz Caan & Co. believes in interiors that are both exuberant and sophisticated, charismatic and exacting, and most importantly, engaging and sublime.



Liz Caan & Co. is grounded in cultivated sensibilities, a worldly approach, and a keen curatorial eye. Liz’s talent and knowledge merge luxe architectural finishes and European decorative arts with an unabashed love of color and pattern. Whether calm or exuberant, Liz Caan’s rooms are livable, comfortable, and bring joy to her clients. A native Midwesterner, Liz attended the University of Wisconsin. Her early professional career focused on media sales and marketing. Her work has been featured in House Beautiful, Veranda, AD, and Traditional Home.


We believe in the enduring beauty of well-made things, crafted by people who love what they do. When your initial project ends, our commitment to it does not. Ours is an ongoing relationship with you and your home as we work to uphold the integrity of its interiors, maintaining the beauty and function of the pieces that define your space. To us, a life well-lived means making full use of your home, but with that come the inevitable chips, dings, damages, and some well-earned wear and tear. Our conservation service lets us take care of your home’s well-being and a little of yours too.


Before you enter your residence, Liz Caan and her experienced team of designers prepare your home for the moment you walk through the door. Services include: stocking your primary residence and vacation home with all the necessities prior to your arrival and/or the arrival of your guests, selecting meaningful objects and collections for your home from art, to bar setups, to bookshelves, and coordinating anything from weekly fresh floral, to seasonal needs that enhance your home’s design and spirit indoors and out.