Liz Caan

Liz Caan has been designing homes of character and style since 2005 when she founded Liz Caan & Co. Specializing in design that honors tradition and does so with a modern sensibility, Liz sees each home as an opportunity to create enduring design–dynamic interiors that live and grow with her clients. Liz is responsible for overall design direction, project oversight and team leadership. Travel is an ongoing source of inspiration to Liz, allowing her to continue to build her network of sources, expand her design knowledge, and work directly with artisans both nationally and internationally. Liz applies her extended resources to all her projects.


Cooper is the Design Director at Liz Caan & Co, where he steers the firm’s projects alongside Liz, as well as guiding the Design Team. Cooper provides direction and support in addition to managing client communication and overseeing the design process, in the studio and on the job site. The classical design training he received at the University of Cincinnati, coupled with his experience in the traditional milieu makes him a uniquely qualified sounding board. Originally from Ohio, Cooper graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design. In 2008, Cooper moved to Boston and after working with several noted firms in the Boston area, joined Liz Caan & Co in 2017.


A graduate of the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture, Jennifer is a licensed architect and has twelve years of architecture and design experience. Her understanding of both the construction and the architectural processes allows her to manage complex design projects at Liz Caan & Co. An excellent listener and communicator, and an exceptional project manager, Jennifer handles all stages of a project including contractor communications, sourcing, and schematic design of spaces. Her passion for travel fuels her passion for architecture. Living in Paris and Edinburgh illustrated how the past and present coalesce to create cohesive and dynamic cities.

Heather Seeley

As our team’s Production Manager, Heather oversees the procurement and ordering process, ensuring that all aspects of the production of furnishings run smoothly. Her keen attention to detail helps streamline the firm’s projects and contributes to a successful installation. As the Conservation & Concierge Manager at Liz Caan & Co., Heather is available for all our clients’ post-installation.

Debbie McNamara

Debbie is the Studio Manager at Liz Caan & Co. where for eight years she has been responsible for the firm’s financial management, daily operations and human resources. Her breadth of experience ranges from Financial Reports, Contract and Client Communications, Billing and Invoicing, all of which she does with precision and careful consideration.