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Extensive Renovation

Historic Chestnut Hill

Tucked away in the storied neighborhood of Chestnut Hill, this 1890’s Colonial was a 2 1/2 year project of a very special sort. We worked with an architect and landscape architect to renovate and add to this historic home just outside of the city. Collaboration was key in the renovation and redesign; we traveled around the country to discover the best artisans for the furniture and finishes. We even sourced dishes, flatware and decorative objects. We commissioned and designed furniture. And just as important was bespoke at it’s best. Throughout the home you’ll find three custom wall coverings, including one in the James Bond-esque bar, with quotes pulled from the client’s favorite book, and another under the stairs in the children’s secret play area (hidden in the design, one of each of the children’s “favorite things”). And though much was added to this home, we were careful to honor its history by not upsetting the original moldings and purposes of the main rooms.


Behind the scenes…painters taking a lunch break during the renovation.


Progress photo…cabinetry installed and lighting delivered.


We focused on every inch of this house and even papered the walls and dressed the windows in the children’s closets to make sure the entire home had the same narrative throughout.


One way we made this home truly bespoke was with custom wallpaper. We had each of the four children lend us their favorite toy for a few days so we could make a custom iSpy wallpaper for their hide-out under the basement stairs.



We designed custom painted paper panels for the dining room ceiling that mirrored the vintage lighting that hung below.